whatsapp status for friends

WhatsApp When you have the opportunity to display its own status if you are active in messenger or if you pursue an activity. If the individual message is not displayed, then you can fix quickly.
whatsapp status for friends
WhatsApp - contact availability status
Free WhatsApp Messenger that allows quick and easy communication between potential friends. In seconds you can send messages in real time, they will be delivered to the recipient immediately.
Want messenger for a while not to be contacted or do you want all your friends and acquaintances in advance to say something, then you can set a status in the application.
Individual message is not displayed
For a status can be displayed, you must define in advance. The setting is in seconds and the message already appears in Messenger.
To set the message WhatsApp open and click on the top right of the three points. Under "Settings" you will find the "Status", click it to activate a pre-built message may or type your own message.
Have you adjusted the status, but it is not displayed, it may have different reasons. Look again, if your entry was saved. When an individual text, it is important that the change is saved by clicking "Save Changes."
Status remains disappeared, then it may be that there is an internal problem of WhatsApp. Ask if they have a problem similar knowledge.
If the text is not displayed, then it is possible that you are using an outdated version of WhatsApp. Go to the App Store or Google Play and check the version of messenger. If an update is available, it is shown. Click on "Update" and the application is already up to date and the status is displayed to all friends.

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